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No Practice 3/26 – Rain

Sorry for the late notice as I was hoping the rain would hold off.  We will not be practicing today due to the increasing rain and swamped fields.

We will meet no matter what the weather on Friday.  There are a few things we can do if the fields are wet, and we need to begin talking about next week’s meet. Please come prepared Friday with an idea of which events you would like to try at the meet.  I will be asking you for ALL events you might be interested, though at the meet you will only be in up to 3.  EVERYONE must do something, but you do not need to do 3 events if you aren’t interested or up for it. I would like some people to consider the 2 events we haven’t touched at practice – long jump and high jump.  If you even think you might be interested in trying, sign up for it and we can go over it the day of the meet and consider it practice with no pressure.  Hard to practice high jump with nothing to jump over.  We will go over long jump on Friday.

The events to consider are :

100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 meter runs

Relays: teams of 4 for 100 m legs or 400 m legs


High Jump

Long Jump

Shot, Discus, Turbo-Jav

See you Friday!